Total Cost of Acquisition


  • Focusing on total cost of acquisition instead of the per unit cost.
  • Understanding, managing & controlling each cost contributor
  • Comprehensive one stop shop – Efficient handling of all your imported materials.
  • Class A / B parts that make up 50% or more of the BOM cost.
  • Benchmarking in a global market Vs local market.

Simplification and Transparency


  • Reduction in the cash to cash cycle
  • Reduction of transactional cost, lead time and inventory,
  • Best in class quality
  • Localization support.




  • Single point of contact
  • Reduce & consolidate supplybase – Increase efficiencies.
  • Access to multiple brands & their complete range of products

Kitting + Consolidation 

  • Every procurement plan is designed to your exact needs.
  • Value added services at component / assembly level as needed.
  • Long term supply contracts with periodic replenishment
  • Value added services – Kanban, consolidated cargo shipment, spend management

Welcome to Nova Exim



We Provide End to End Supply Chain Services including outsourced procurement services


Our supply chain experts provide supply chain management services including but not limited to strategic procurement, contracts management and vendor management resulting in supply chain excellence and maximizing value to our customers


Our focus and class leading expertise in Industrial Supply Chain Management provides you options that are unmatched by any other provider


Nova Benefits


Genuine OEM Products


We exclusively source all products within the OEM network of authorized sales channels in the USA.  This ensure the products are Genuine and carry the full and transferable warranty from the OEM. 




Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


Improve Time to Market

One Stop Shop For Your Imported Material Requirements

Efficient Logistics & Brokerage

Supply Chain Risk Management




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